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Koger Sunshades are designed to reduce sunshine intensity in bubble-canopy aircraft, resulting in a cooler cockpit, and more visable instruments. The shades are constructed of special plasticized material that is carried on an aluminum frame that hugs the canopy in order to not interfere with headspace clearance. The shades can either be extended to provide shade, or retracted for increased visibility in the pattern. Your Koger SunShade will help keep both you and your cockpit cool and protected from the sun, as well as increasing instrument visibility.

If you are using an iPad in your airplane, you need a Koger SunShade!

Ralph Koger's RV6

Ralph Koger

Koger SunShades were developed in 1996 by Ralph Koger, of Boone, Iowa (pictured left). Ralph is the builder of a Wright Award-winning RV-4, and an award winning RV-6A.

As Ralph finished his RV-6A, digital instruments were becoming popular with their green LED lighting. In an effort to increase instrument visibility, he started to experiment with sun shades. Ralph brought the same exemplary craftsmanship to the shades that he did to his home built aircraft. The result is the Koger SunShade. Ralph has hundreds of hours invested in the design and development of the shades.


The SunShade ribbed structure makes it
streamlined and effective.

Koger SunShades are made of an aluminum "C" channel "backbone" with sliding aluminum wire ribs. The ribs ride in nylon gliders, and carry the shade material. The shade material is a special plasticized material which eliminates UV rays, and is water resistant. The shades can be extended for shade, or retracted out of the way for sunlight and "bubble canopy" visibility. They fit snugly against the aircraft canopy with almost no head space reduction. Each shade is made individually by hand, and is guaranteed for life to perform as described.

In the spring of 2010, 88 year old Ralph decided some help would be good, so Jeff Lorimor (pictured right, and only 68 years old) joined him as a partner. All shades are handcrafted by Ralph and Jeff in Ralph's shop in Boone, Iowa.

Although the Koger SunShade was originally designed for the RV series of homebuilts, the SunShades have been adapted to many other designs, including the currently - growing list of Light Sport Aircraft with both sliding and tip-up canopies. We can fit almost every bubble-canopy aircraft.

Jeff Lorimor


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