RV Tip-Up Canopy Sunshades

Tip-Up/Universal Canopy RV-6, 7, 9, 12 and 14


 Designed specifically for your RV Tip-Up Canopy. 

Each shade is 25" long and 30" wide, and attaches with double stick tape. It fits RV - 6,  6A,  7,  7A,  9,  9A, 12, and 14.

Tip-Up/Universal Wide


Designed specifically for the RV - 14, but fits the others as well.

The same length as the small Tip-Up (25"), but 4 inches wider. Provides an additional 100 square inches of shade!  Fits many other clear canopy planes as well.

Side Tip-Up Canopy RV-4


 This shade is made specifically for your RV-4 Side-Opening Canopy.

Each shade is 45" long and 15" wide, and attaches directly to the plexiglas with double stick tape. The shade is rounded in front to conform to the shape of the canopy.  The rear is tapered to follow the canopy contour as it narrows.  The pilot and passenger can independently extend or retract their portion of the shade.

Tip-Up/Universal SunShade attach directly to the canopy with double stick tape.