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Koger Sunshade in an RV experimental aircraft at Oshkosh on a sunny day

you'll always See your instruments with a Koger Sunshade...

Problems seeing your panel instruments, or want to cool down? On the ground, taxiing or in-flight, simply extend your custom-fit sunshade and you will have instant shade. With a custom-fit Koger Sunshade you will be 'made in the shade'—instantly. Just take a look at how EASY it is...

Koger Sunshade in the cockpit of Long EZ experimental aircraft. 53" long x 15" wide.

The long-ez

A recent custom-made shade for a Long EZ — width is limited to preserve side visibility. Thank you Bob, for sending in a picture of your shade! 

Go from sun to shade in seconds...in flight!!

We can't guarantee you sun, but we can guarantee you shade!

Pilot flying experimental aircraft with Koger sunshade on sunny day

Instant shade, even in flight.

Versatile, quick and easy to use, even in flight. Just slide the shade forward or back. When retracted, you won't even know it is there.

Pilot with co-pilot flying experimental aircraft with Koger sunshade on sunny day

Lifetime manufacturer guarantee!

Every Koger Sunshade comes with a lifetime, manufacturer guarantee. Let us know if you ever have a problem.

We're proud to support Tango Flight as they create student-built RV-12s

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